Santhini Lokha Ubud

Santhini Lokha Ubud is an area of ​​villas and hotels that will be present at the end of 2013. Built on an area of ​​1.4 acres with views of the magnificent forest among ubud, rice fields and river scenery is stunning.

Santhini Lokha located in Banjar Ubud Village bangkiang Sidem Keliki, If you’ve ever been to Bukit Campuhan Ubud, Bangkiang Sidem right on north hill Campuhan Ubud.


Santhini Lokha Ubud will offer facilities that do not bear responsibility for the comfort and luxury of the guests who stay at Santhini Lokha Ubud. The facilities will be provided in the building there are 48 hotel rooms, 14 Villas 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom 2 Villas, Spa, Restaurant and several other facilities like Yoga Sala.

Santhini Lokha is proud to be providing peace with magnificent views to an inn

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